speaking of design ideas

So the sun is blazing across the studio floor (wow: dust) and we are immersed in that curious limbo; the setting up of a new business. We have our business name, we are proudly “odd guy art LLC,” but there are still many T’s to cross and I’s to dot. We have a growing number of T-shirt design ideas strewn randomly about our brains, the computer, and our bench. We have the beginnings of our quirky web site, yet nothing to wear.

We also, of course, have this blog, which we hope you will enjoy and come to love as one of your distant relatives. So stick with us, if you will, for news on how this adventure unfolds. Our web site will come alive in a month or two, when we officially open our doors and welcome you across our virtual threshhold.

We would like to tell you a little more. The odd guy art T-shirt designs will fall into two styles; our initial survey suggests both are equally popular.  Both styles will develop and grow as we proceed. Hopefully you’ll like what you see.

Our “simply art” style features crisp graphics to satisfy your appreciation for the odd and quirky – or just a good cup of coffee. We’ll combine attractive, thoughtful images with a quality, garment-washed shirt which you can be proud to wear anytime, anywhere.

Our “unlikely events” collection will feature humorous designs depicting mock amateur sporting events. Runs, swims, bicycle races – both contemporary and historical (even hysterical) – are all fair game. These will also be screen printed on soft, quality, garment-washed T-shirts.

We found some great garment-washed ball caps, too, which will be emblazoned with our own “odd guy art” logo. They will have your head covered.

For us at odd guy art, it’s about quality. Our T-shirts will not only look good, but they will feel good, too. Our colour palette will be natural and earthy. We seriously hope that you will like what we do.


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