Sneak peek time. Today we picked up the first of our “odd guy art” caps from the embroiderers. I could not wait to get one on my head! As mentioned last time, Marie laid claim to the raspberry cap, but I am very happy to try out this khaki version. Initially we will have the caps available in khaki, denim, and raspberry. All three have the “odd guy art” logo embroidered in yellow, black, and white, with “” in black on the side.

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2 responses to “caps…!

  1. That guy with the hat looks a lot like me except for the lack of glasses and the very cool cap he is wearing. I’ll probably have to get me one of those as soon as I can get my hands an an XL SLR T-shirt.

    • Hi George,

      There will be an XL SLR shirt just for you whenever you make our next gig, and we’ll set aside an odd guy art cap, too. And then one can only imagine the trail of swooning women you’ll leave in your wake.


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