photo shoot… fun

Yesterday was a beautiful 68F day here in Sheboygan. But even better than that it was the day we did our first photo shoot for “odd guy art.” I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it, but I ran out of excuses. So with camera and tripod set up, lighting organised, and laughing barely under control, we got down to it. We shot photos for much of the afternoon, downloading onto the laptop as we went. After much discarding of images, we had a selection of photos which will be used around the web site and other media. The whole experience was great fun. Not the least because we got to wear our shirts for the first time and discover just how good they look and feel. The deeper satisfaction for us, though, will come when you can enjoy these, too. We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but remember that raspberry cap? Imagine how good it will look on you!

We worked late last night (until midnight) and put together our web site home page. Take a look if you’d like; it’s now there at . Now we don’t want to be sending you on a series of wild goose chases through unfulfilling hyperlinks. So for now there are none, apart from the ones which brought you here of course. We will be working on the rest of the web site ready for the full launch of “odd guy art” on May 7th. Marie is right, as described in her last post, I do look spooked every time I think about how much we have to do before that date. But, deadlines are great motivators, right?


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