Saturday 19th June, Fountain Park, Sheboygan

We’ll be out and about with “odd guy art” again tomorrow. Once a month, arts and crafts merchants are invited to join the farmers market in central Sheboygan’s Fountain Park. We’ll be setting up shop under our brand new canopy and having some fun in the sun. T-shirts, caps, canvas tote bags, and our art/postcard design reproductions will be available. Come out to see us between 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM and grab some “odd guy art” goodies.

Marie is back from DC, just, so she’ll still be catching her breath. She’ll will be at Fountain Park with me up until late morning before rushing off to play a charity gig with her band (Sheboygan Light Rail) in a different Sheboygan park. So stop by if you are in the area, or come to the area to stop by. See you there!


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