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things that catch my eye… KindnessDice

I love these! DiceForChange is a concept that aims to change people’s behaviour in a playful way. Roll the dice each day to stimulate changes in your daily routines. Create an awareness of how simple actions can have a greater positive effect on life.

These dice are not for sale yet but you can register your interest at the web site, DiceForChange. Check out their EcoDice and WellnessDice too. I’ll be looking forward to these fun dice hitting the marketplace.


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happiness is… shipping unbreakables

Marie received a T-shirt the other day from England; a snappy little number called “Dench” by RedMolotov. It arrived quickly and safely in nothing more than a floppy plastic envelope. That’s wonderful, and it’s another reason that I love being in the apparel business.

You may have guessed that there is a little, erm, history, behind that last comment. Well yes, there is. My first business venture was to supply terra cotta slip castings via mail order. These were hollow, thin wall, pottery blocks used for the construction of large model buildings. Now, there was a recipe for disaster (and the postal service didn’t disappoint). Later I was shipping craft supplies, including strips of wood, in long, thin boxes (and no, they didn’t bend, they just broke).

But now, we slip a bagged T-shirt into a flat-rate cardboard envelope and away it goes, worry free, across the country and beyond. Pop a cap or bag in a box and out it comes in the customer’s hands, undamaged. Shipping unbreakables: I love it.


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odd guy art: sexiest man alive

Break out the cheap champagne; odd guy art was just named PEEPLE magazine’s 2010 “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Art, though not technically a “man” (though a sexy abstract representation of one), joined Hollywood’s elite club of irresistible iconoclasts, beating out former winners George Clooney and Hugh Jackman, and trouncing newbie runner-up Justin Bieber.

The following interview appears in the October issue of PEEPLE magazine, available on newsstands now.

Peeple: Typically, you are shown only from the neck up. Why?
Art: For the same reason that Elvis Presley was filmed only from the waist up. Most people cannot survive that level of sexiness. They implode.
Peeple: Has a corporate logo ever reached this echelon of honor?
Art: The Lucky Charms® leprechaun was nominated back in ’87, but was quarantined with a suspicious case of marshmallow rash. Harry Hamlin won that year.
Peeple: The company you represent, “odd guy art:” Do you deem it worthy to use your image?
Art: Absolutely. “Odd guy art” is one of the funkiest and artiest new businesses on the planet. It offers quirky T-shirts, bags, caps, and cards – all featuring the designs of two artists trained in the realm of wit. And the best part? My mug appears on everything (*grin*).
Peeple: Are the endorsement offers pouring in?
Art: I am nothing if not loyal to “odd guy art.” Even though the two-figure annual salary is meager and the “gourmet” meals are pathetically pedestrian (if not inedible), it’s hard to resist being a part of something so cutting edge. So, no, I’ve had no offers.
Peeple: I’m sure the women out there are wondering: Boxers or briefs?
Art: I find that question sexist and demeaning (*wink*).
Peeple: What’s next for the Sexiest Man Alive?
Art: I’d like to advocate for other computer-generated 2-dimensional images. Even though I’m a jaundice-skinned, flounder-eyed cephalic icon stuck on a virtual canvas, I’m as much a man as a Pitt or a Depp. Right, ladies?

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things that catch my eye… Apple cutting boards

All of the items we use in day-to-day life were the result of a designer’s vision and skill. Some products are basic; designed to be simple and practical. That in itself can create beautifully understated objects. Other items display a flair that trancends the merely practical to the level of art. The very best in my view are objects which combine practicality with eye-catching style. In this occasional series we would like to feature those things that catch our designers’ eyes, as it were.

Here is something that struck me as being pure fun. It is featured over at Yes, it’s a cutting board made of apple wood, for Apple fans, in the shape of an Apple MacBook. I’m not sure why I like this so much. Marie might say it’s “Mac envy.” Maybe she’s right, or maybe it’s because I would get to cut veggies on a MacBook. 🙂