happiness is… shipping unbreakables

Marie received a T-shirt the other day from England; a snappy little number called “Dench” by RedMolotov. It arrived quickly and safely in nothing more than a floppy plastic envelope. That’s wonderful, and it’s another reason that I love being in the apparel business.

You may have guessed that there is a little, erm, history, behind that last comment. Well yes, there is. My first business venture was to supply terra cotta slip castings via mail order. These were hollow, thin wall, pottery blocks used for the construction of large model buildings. Now, there was a recipe for disaster (and the postal service didn’t disappoint). Later I was shipping craft supplies, including strips of wood, in long, thin boxes (and no, they didn’t bend, they just broke).

But now, we slip a bagged T-shirt into a flat-rate cardboard envelope and away it goes, worry free, across the country and beyond. Pop a cap or bag in a box and out it comes in the customer’s hands, undamaged. Shipping unbreakables: I love it.


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3 responses to “happiness is… shipping unbreakables

  1. Brilliant blog, I hadn’t come across oddguyart.wordpress.com previously during my searches!
    Continue the fantastic work!

  2. Hello

    Can I link to this post please?

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