poll: how do YOU overcome designer’s block?

Many of you in the T-shirt design world find yourselves looking for that one perfect concept – a design with that special something that catches on globally and launches you into extravagant T-shirt-selling wealth.

For those of you who’ve watched “The Making of ‘odd guy art’ Part 2: The Designing,” you already know what a mentally-challenging and physically-taxing process T-shirt design can be. Sure, it’s fun; but sometimes “fun” can be fleeting when you’re faced with mounting bills and, in Graham’s case, an ongoing tea addiction.

Plus, there are as many potential T-shirt options as there are people on the planet (6,894,185,175 as of press time). When faced with a blank computer screen or canvas, where does your inspiration typically come from?

Take a second to click below and add your voice to this universal question!

Marie and Graham

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3 responses to “poll: how do YOU overcome designer’s block?

  1. Lost for ideas? Grab a pen and some paper and go somewhere. Hit up some of those galleries, go somewhere you’ve never been. Hit up the high class end of town and then the lowest of the low. Find the beauty wherever you are at and make sure to toss down any ideas that really pop out onto that paper.

    When you get back home or to your studio, hit the coffee. Hit it hard. Hit is like it’s your first born child.

    I do other things too but I am not about to suggest that you guys start spending time with the homeless or high society (both have their perils but leave you with a grand story and vigor).

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