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our first gig

It’s Thursday and we’re busy preparing for our first local show: a display table at a local coffee shop.

Marie at work

Marie at work. Groovy shirt!

This particular coffee shop is rather cutting-edge for our little town. They hire some great independent musicians as they travel between bigger gigs in Milwaukee and Madison, so we get to hear some wonderful talent without having to travel. (Not that we don’t like to travel. “Road trip” is our middle name).

Anyway, tomorrow this coffee shop is hosting a “Bike-In Movie,” with food, live music, and… “odd guy art!” We’re excited.

Since we’ll be indoors, we won’t need to purchase a canopy, but we did buy a display rack for our T-shirts. We’ve got a nicely-covered table for our cards and a cool stone pedestal for our hats. We’re working on signs today. Since our business focus is “art,” we’ve continued the theme with a price list that reads like an art gallery price sheet. The magic is in the details.

Our goals are these: To make some connections and to sell some merchandise. We’ve only been in business five weeks, but we’re eager to make this happen and frankly it can’t happen soon enough. It’s exciting to finally get out there and introduce the masses to our designs. Fingers crossed.

That’s it for now. Back to the drawing board.



let’s do launch

Tonight at 7:10 p.m. Central Time, “odd guy art” will launch its website and open for business. We are nearly delirious with excitement (or at least caffeine), and cannot wait to help you find just the artful T-shirt statement you are looking for. Dress yourself this summer in “odd guy art,” from head to, uh… waist; in caps, bags, and T-shirts. You’re going to look great:).

Once we open, visit our website often. We’ll be creating new designs, adding content to the “What’s New” page, building on our product line, and responding to your needs. Our goal at “odd guy art” is to make you happy.

See you tonight!


photo shoot… fun

Yesterday was a beautiful 68F day here in Sheboygan. But even better than that it was the day we did our first photo shoot for “odd guy art.” I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it, but I ran out of excuses. So with camera and tripod set up, lighting organised, and laughing barely under control, we got down to it. We shot photos for much of the afternoon, downloading onto the laptop as we went. After much discarding of images, we had a selection of photos which will be used around the web site and other media. The whole experience was great fun. Not the least because we got to wear our shirts for the first time and discover just how good they look and feel. The deeper satisfaction for us, though, will come when you can enjoy these, too. We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but remember that raspberry cap? Imagine how good it will look on you!

We worked late last night (until midnight) and put together our web site home page. Take a look if you’d like; it’s now there at . Now we don’t want to be sending you on a series of wild goose chases through unfulfilling hyperlinks. So for now there are none, apart from the ones which brought you here of course. We will be working on the rest of the web site ready for the full launch of “odd guy art” on May 7th. Marie is right, as described in her last post, I do look spooked every time I think about how much we have to do before that date. But, deadlines are great motivators, right?



Sneak peek time. Today we picked up the first of our “odd guy art” caps from the embroiderers. I could not wait to get one on my head! As mentioned last time, Marie laid claim to the raspberry cap, but I am very happy to try out this khaki version. Initially we will have the caps available in khaki, denim, and raspberry. All three have the “odd guy art” logo embroidered in yellow, black, and white, with “” in black on the side.

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our first shirts are underway

As we drove to our screen printer I felt remarkably calm. We were going to collect some T-shirt samples and place our second order. I expected to be more nervous because this was the moment of truth in some ways. Yet I was quite calm; the decisions were already made and our commitment to this whole venture was already decided. It was going to be another  important day in the progress of “odd guy art.”

Back in the studio. The T-shirt samples are amazing, I just want to wear them now – blank even – imagine that! They are made by Comfort Colors and are dyed and distributed by a company in Vermont. The colours are earthy with a nice washed and worn look to them; just what we are looking for, in fact. As the samples were so pleasing, we did go ahead and place our first printing order for two shirt designs, almost a hundred shirts in total. I need a cup of tea after writing that – good simple brown tea made in my real English pottery tea pot. Excuse me while I put the kettle on (or as we say in my home county of Yorkshire, England, “put t’kettle on lad”).

I’ve got a hot brew now so where was I? Ok, yes, so we have selected two of our designs to have printed, one from each collection. Each is a two-colour design (actually three, with Marie’s clever use of the shirt colour). Every shirt will also have a small two-colour rendition of our “odd guy art” logo on the back. When these shirts are done we are going to have great fun wearing them for our web site photo shoot. Hopefully that will happen next week. Maybe I’ll slip a few photos into the blog, too (as a sneak peek for you).

This is good tea.

Oh, the caps are coming along well, too. These are also pigment-dyed with a worn look, in three soft colours. The embroidered logo of Art (the guy on the canvas) will adorn the front of the cap with “odd guy art” on the left side. I have a feeling that Marie and I are going to be fighting over the raspberry sample. Oh, apparently not (she just explained: it’s hers).

Until next time,

Capless Graham…
gotta love that raspberry!

moving forward


As I write, Graham is placing our first odd guy art merchandise order: ball caps. After deciding to go with “Anvil” pigment-dyed caps, we chose three colors on which to have our logo embroidered. We’ve spent a lot of time researching blank hats and shirts and decided that the pigment-dyed garments are best suited for our demographic. They look slightly faded and worn, but are of excellent quality and softness (just like us!).

We’re trying to do this in a a sensible order. We can’t, for instance, design the website without first photographing the merchandise, but we can’t photograph the merchandise without first having it printed. And of course we can’t print the merchandise until it’s designed, but we can’t design the merchandise without first understanding our demographic. (And we can’t understand our demographic without first drinking a lot of coffee).

So we’ve spent the past several months doing research. Some of this simply included observing people while they hung out in coffee shops or wandered through art exhibits. But we’ve also been pouring through current marketing books and online forums and garment catalogs. We’ve surveyed our friends and harassed our families. And now, today, all of those months of pondering and studying have evolved into something tangible – and hopefully into something that YOU will find fun to wear!