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spandex-free cycle chic

Are you familiar with the cycle-chic movement? It’s part of the whole wonderful spectrum that is urban cycling; looking good on your bicycle and having a good-looking bicycle under you. It can mean wearing anything from a T-shirt to a tweed suit. What it isn’t, is Spandex.

Cycle-chic started on the city streets of Europe and has eagerly spread to the cities of Australia and here in the USA. Blogs have been key in driving this stylish movement forward. They feature photo galleries that capture the spirit and the imagination of urban cyclists.

A great place to start the exploration is at the home of cycle chic, Copenhagen. http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/

Then maybe venture over to London where my fellow Brits are showing fine form on those familiar streets. http://london-cycle-chic.blogspot.com/

Closer to home, in New York City you’ll find some very cool images from this chilly spring we are all enjoying. http://nycyclechic.blogspot.com/

It’s all about simply dressing practical with a touch of style and going about your busy day on your bicycle. What could be better? Why not dust off your old, beautiful bike and show your very own cycle chic.


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