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guerilla exhibiting

Marie’s rendition of Leonardo DaVinci’s “The Last Supper” was on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum this week. Here is the photo to prove it. We call this “guerilla exibiting” and it’s a lot of fun. The shirt certainly did get a few interesting looks – or maybe it was the odd guy wearing the shirt that got the looks; it’s hard to tell. I think it was the shirt.
The Milwaukee Art Museum is housed in a stunning building overlooking Lake Michigan. The building’s famous “wings” were wide open that day and made the most amazing sight. The inner space is white on white, reflecting the clear east light from the lake and maintaining its beautiful quality. This building is worth a visit itself even if you don’t have time to venture into the galleries.

So here’s a thought: Newspapers sometimes do those cheesy features encouraging readers to submit photos of themselves reading the local paper in odd locales. Guerilla exhibiting goes beyond that.  It requires some forward planning, but heck, it’s fun, right? Wanna give it a go?

Here’s what to do: Buy an “odd guy art” T-shirt. Then, pick a venue in which to practice guerilla exhibiting. Galleries and museums work well, or anywhere art is displayed*. Then send your photos to us at “art(at)oddguyart(dot)com” (making the usual substitutions in the address there). We will publish a selection of your photos here in the blog, so buy a shirt,  go out, and do some “odd guy art” guerilla exhibiting.


*Don’t photograph anything you shouldn’t – just you in your “odd guy art” T-shirt. We are absolutely not suggesting anything illegal, omg. If you are not sure, take the photo outside of the venue, before or after exhibiting inside.

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