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middle-age moments

We’re six months into existence and it only now occurred to us to showcase our products on the “odd guy art” Facebook page. D-uh.

What other blatantly obvious opportunities might we have forgotten? Which glaring epiphanies will strike next? We shudder to think…

• Review “supply and demand” model, consider implementing
• Check on that guy who took some of our shirts into the dressing room to try on last week
• Pay government its share of sales tax (minus our share for not utilizing curbside garbage pick-up)
• Replenish XXXL merchandise prior to Mississippi trade show
• Promote holiday sales before the holiday
• Sell merchandise

Who knows what else will occur to us in the coming days? (“Practice fire escape route plan?” “Unplug the iron?” “Back up computer?” [D-oh!]).

As our brains continue to calcify, we look forward to serving you.


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how to sell T-shirts at outdoor markets

Even though “odd guy art” has been around for over three months, we really aren’t the wily veterans of the trade that we appear. We can, however, provide you with the wisdom of our experience, as outlined here in trusty Top Ten List form:

Top Ten Do’s and Don’t’s For Selling at Outdoor Markets
10. Your friends, family, acquaintances, parole officer, etc. may ask for special discounts. Be prepared to shake your head “no” emphatically while still maintaining some semblance of a relationship.
9. If you’re setting up shop at a local art fair, stake your space far enough from the music stage so that you are not screaming information to your customers, many of whom might be intimidated by flying spittle.
8. Toddlers go straight for the cash box. Plan accordingly.
7. If you live in a windy area, stake down your canopy, weight it with sand bags, or set up underground, if necessary, in an armored bunker.
6. While you’re spraying the ground in your booth with toxic mosquito repellent at an environmental awareness festival, try not to laugh too loudly at the irony.
5. Your goal is to get your shirts on as many bodies as possible. Now’s the time to cash in on favors.
4. Don’t forget to pack a ping pong paddle for the wasps. With the right swing, you can get a pretty good spin on them.
3. Hungry? Most pizza places will deliver directly to your booth if you give them exact coordinates.
2. Calculating exact change requires the skill and efficiency of an expert. Have one of your kids do it.
1. If you’re not selling as much stock as usual, you might want to check your teeth. Remember the old adage, “Spinach in the teeth ruins shirts lying beneath.”

We wish you all the best:).


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what to do with that extra $2

Dear T-shirt-buying public,

Hello! We’d like to see even more of you wearing our T-shirts this summer, so we’ve decided to reduce our shirt prices by $2.00. Each. And if that weren’t enough, we’d also like to save you the mind-numbing quandary of deciding what to do with that extra money.

Things to do with my extra $2.00:

Include biscuits with tonight’s supper.
Buy candy for the baby.
Spend on two “Dollar Menu©” items from McDonald’s.
Add to Junior’s college fund.
Fold up bills and use as shim under broken coffee table leg.
Pay 1/500th of this month’s mortgage.
Hire babysitter for ten minutes.
Fold in half, and presto: Drink coasters.
Stack eight quarters. Unstack. Repeat ad nauseum.
Accordian fold, use as fan.
Use to place wagers on the PGA (Go Tiger!).
Shred. Toss in lettuce bin at local salad bar.
Knot together and use as emergency tourniquet.
Fashion into hip origami coin purse.

I’m sure there are some ideas I may have forgotten, so please add your thoughts here; they’d be much appreciated. And then, visit our website (www.oddguyart.com) to take advantage of this exciting offer. We look forward to hearing from you:).


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gearing up to open

Dear existing and potential friends,

As “odd guy art” prepares to open its virtual doors, we look forward to getting acquainted with you. We can’t wait to show you around our studio, and to help you into some unique, artistic, and witty T-shirts. If you have a sec, post a comment here and say hello.

How was your day?

Ours was busy in the best of ways. We placed our final shirt design order from our most excellent screen printer, Mountain Promotions in Oostburg, Wisconsin. They are currently undergoing a business identification upgrade (and adding services to boot), yet they’ve continued to serve customers like us promptly and efficiently. We cannot say enough wonderful things about the quality of their printing and the kindness/helpfulness of their staff.

While the last of our designs are being printed, we are working furiously on our website, registering our business, opening a bank account, organizing shipping materials, ordering shirt tags and business cards, and developing our marketing and web presence. We rarely sleep and drink lots of caffeine. But amid all the hard work, we laugh a great deal and are truly delighted to have set off on this venture. We hope we can spread some of that joy to you.

Bye for now!


PS: Here’s Graham looking very serious as we opened our company bank account yesterday. Ha. Smile, Graham!