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new Smart Car design takes off

Talk about hitting the ground running! Before we could feature our new Smart Car shirt on the web, sales took off like a balloon. Thanks to local Smart Car enthusiasts and friends, our latest design was forwarded to various Smart Car forums and groups, and is already breaking sales records.

Shaun and Cory Brachmann of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, pulled a Myth Busters-type test on our T-shirt design. Looks like more balloons next time.

Marie fell in love the with Smart Car on a trip to Europe several years ago (before they were heard of in America). The German autobahn was streaming with them. She snapped many photos of the little tyke during her stay, and then – just before departing from the airport – she spotted a large car top carrier loaded with them! It was nirvana.

So whether you’re a Smart Car owner or simply a Smart Car enthusiast, you may enjoy wearing our latest design. Thanks for reading!

Marie and Graham

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