our first shirts are underway

As we drove to our screen printer I felt remarkably calm. We were going to collect some T-shirt samples and place our second order. I expected to be more nervous because this was the moment of truth in some ways. Yet I was quite calm; the decisions were already made and our commitment to this whole venture was already decided. It was going to be another  important day in the progress of “odd guy art.”

Back in the studio. The T-shirt samples are amazing, I just want to wear them now – blank even – imagine that! They are made by Comfort Colors and are dyed and distributed by a company in Vermont. The colours are earthy with a nice washed and worn look to them; just what we are looking for, in fact. As the samples were so pleasing, we did go ahead and place our first printing order for two shirt designs, almost a hundred shirts in total. I need a cup of tea after writing that – good simple brown tea made in my real English pottery tea pot. Excuse me while I put the kettle on (or as we say in my home county of Yorkshire, England, “put t’kettle on lad”).

I’ve got a hot brew now so where was I? Ok, yes, so we have selected two of our designs to have printed, one from each collection. Each is a two-colour design (actually three, with Marie’s clever use of the shirt colour). Every shirt will also have a small two-colour rendition of our “odd guy art” logo on the back. When these shirts are done we are going to have great fun wearing them for our web site photo shoot. Hopefully that will happen next week. Maybe I’ll slip a few photos into the blog, too (as a sneak peek for you).

This is good tea.

Oh, the caps are coming along well, too. These are also pigment-dyed with a worn look, in three soft colours. The embroidered logo of Art (the guy on the canvas) will adorn the front of the cap with “odd guy art” on the left side. I have a feeling that Marie and I are going to be fighting over the raspberry sample. Oh, apparently not (she just explained: it’s hers).

Until next time,

Capless Graham…
gotta love that raspberry!

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